The following material is being reprinted from the work of Dr. Gail Riplinger, AVPublications.  Click here to download a free PDF version of the “New Age Bible Versions” tract

Rather than simply providing a link to Dr. Gail Riplinger’s website where the information below also appears, I have chosen to publish the information in the event Dr. Riplinger’s website becomes unavailable in the future. This way, I am able to preserve this information to help continue providing the truthful message throughout the world.


1.  The oldest form of the Bible discovered to date are the 92 papyra, dated 180AD and 220AD and 85 percent of the text agrees word-for-word with the 1611 King James Bible. Only 15 percent agree with the other Bible versions.

2.  Of the 5,200 Greek manuscripts that exist today, 99% of the text agrees word-for-word with the 1611 King James Bible. Only 1% agree with the other Bible versions.

3.  Of all the Onicals (which is text written in block capital letters), 97% of the text agrees word-for-word with the 1611 King James Bible. Only 3% agree with the other Bible versions.

4.  Of all the 2,000 Cursives (text written later in history when people began to write in long-hand), 99% of the text agrees word-for-word with the 1611 King James Bible. Only 1% agree with the other Bible versions.

5.  Of all the 2,000 Lexicons, 100% of the text agrees word-for-word with the 1611 King James Bible. Only 0% agree with the other Bible versions.

The Message

The emerging “new” Christianity — with its substitution of riches for righteousness, a crown for a cross, and an imitation for a new creation is shown to be a direct result of the wording in new Bible versions.  Documents are the thousands of words, verses and doctrines by which new versions will prepare the apostate churches of these last days to accept the religion of the Antichrist — even his mark, image, and Lucifer worship.

The Manuscripts

The Greek manuscripts, critical editions, lexicons and dictionaries behind the new versions are examined in Dr. Gail Riplinger’s book “New Age Bible Versions” which is available at, revealing their occult origins, contents and yet unreleased material — a blueprint for the Antichrist’s One World Religion and government.  Presented also is the latest research proving the Authorized King James Version of the Holy Bible represents not only Christianity’s earliest and most widely used Greek text, but is the easiest version to read according to computer analysis based formulas from the Flesch-Kincaid research firm.

Bible Comparisons

Check the verses out for yourself.  Get out the Bible you are using now and compare the verses with the King James Bible verse in the chart below. All scripture references are linked so you can read the verse for yourself directly from the Bible.

My Personal Experience After Studying Dr. Riplinger’s Materials

When I began my study of Dr. Riplinger’s materials and reading the comparisions that appear above and on the past two pages, I first looked upon the differences as being subtle.  But then again, I was well-versed in the Bible. On the surface the words “an heir of God” may appear the same to me as meaning “an heir of God through Christ” may certainly not be as easy to understand for unsaved people.

However, after watching Dr. Riplinger’s videos and referencing the information she provided during her exhaustive study of the various Bible versions, I can honestly say that I believe this Christian sister knows what she is talking about.

For example, there is a huge difference between “men” and “holy men.”  All men are men, but only certain men can be called “holy.”  Also, a lady can be a any female but a “virgin” is a totally different kind of female.

In addition, a person can either be saved or unsaved.  There is a difference between the two. But new Bible versions teach that everyone belongs to God and there are many paths to obtain His wisdom.  Don’t fall for this lie.  There is only ONE way to Jesus Christ and the path is narrow and few are able to find it.

Matthew, Chapter 7, Verse 14

“Because strait is the gate, and narrow is the way, which leadeth unto life, and few there be that find it.”

Additionally, there is a huge difference between a “Spirit” and the “Holy Ghost” or “Holy Spirit.”  There are millions of different kinds of spirits including principalities, powers of darkness, haunting spirits, spirits invoked by alcohol and many, many more.  However, the “Holy Spirit” is one identifiable spirit.  In human understanding, it would be similar to identifying President Lincoln as a “President.”  There are many different presidents, but only one President Lincoln.

In the New Age Version, the “Holy Spirit” is reduced in rank to just any type spirit and there is no identification as a single entity; thereby reducing God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit to a lower rank. This could only be the work of satan, plain and simple.

More Bible Comparisons

The Antichrist will use the new versions of the Holy Bible to set up his One World New Age Religion, with its mark and worship of the Antichrist and the dragon:

… and here is more proof:

… and here is even more:

After reading this article I personally do not think it is very difficult at all to see the major differences in all editions of the NIV (New International Version) and the NASB (New American Standard) compared to the 1611 King James Bible  The decision you make about which Bible to read may make the difference in where you spend eternity.

The other day a friend of mine was visiting with his wife.  I said, “You know Ben, you are a really nice guy and I would hate to think that you were going to hell.” His mouth dropped open and he replied, “But I am saved by the Roman Catholic Bible.”

I then asked him the ultimate question, “If you died at this very moment, would you go to Heaven or hell?” He said, “I don’t know.” To which I replied, “And this is what I am worried about.”

In summary, by understanding the differences between the two Bibles you should be better able to decipher the truth from the corrupted versions of God’s powerful and Holy Word much easier.

The 1611 King James Bible

If you are unable to locate a copy of The King James Bible AV 1611 edition in order to compare the verses above to your Bible, click here to view the online version available on this website or click here to download the entire AV 1611 King James Bible in PDF format for reading offline. You must have Adobe Acrobat reader installed on your computer to view the PDF version. Click here and download this free reader if you do not have Adobe Acrobat reader.

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