I used to attend church on Sunday morning, but I grew tired of the church-people attitude.  In the churches I attended, the people in them were cynical and extremely disorganized.  Because of these experiences I stopped attending church but still read the Bible and kept in daily communication with God (alias Jesus Christ.)

In May 2011 I found a singles Christian group on Meetup:
Through this group I learned about the Compass Community church that meets on Saturday evenings and everyone eats dinner together before the service.  Their website is at:

After attending the first service in May, I immediately knew that the Holy Spirit was present within this group.  I could feel it; and I was drawn to it.  Now, I look forward to attending every Saturday and often show up early, just to talk with the minister and his wife, Ron and Misty Weide.

June 25, 2011 was the fourth meeting I attended at Compass Community and it was an interesting one.  A lady brought up a topic that every one of us has thought about at one time or another. It was the same argument that unsaved people have: If God forgives our sins, why are innocent people hurt and murderers, rapists and child molesters get away with their crimes?  Why does God save people like this and not allow them to suffer for their sins?

One gentleman told her that the price of sin was paid on Calvary by Jesus Christ and that no sin was unforgiveable.  And even though someone like Hitler could have been saved at his dying breath, he would still suffer the consequences of his behavior at the Judgment Seat of Christ.  Another gentleman then began talking about the two judgments, where we are all judged for our works that were done for Jesus Christ.  These two judgments are: (1) Judgment Seat of Christ and (2) White Throne Judgment.

Although everyone who has been saved by the blood of Jesus Christ will live in Heaven with our Lord and Savior throughout eternity, there are various levels to Heaven and Heaven is a kingdom.  Every saved person will be judged at the Judgment Seat of Christ based upon the works they did for Jesus Christ in this lifetime.  We will then be awarded eternal crowns based upon our service.

However, at the White Throne Judgment, the unsaved will be judged.  And this is where Satan will bow and admit that Jesus Christ is Lord.  The unsaved will stand in gasp, saying: Is this is the man that caused all the sin and the pain and suffering of the world?  And Satan will be known for who he is and be worshipped no more.

Another lady spoke about the consequences of our behavior.  She reminded us that God will forgive us, but that does not mean that we do not often suffer.  She used the example of going to the kitchen and drinking a cup of Pine Sol.  In doing this there would be consequences she would suffer because of her behavior.  Just like if she murdered someone, God is still able to forgive her, but she will still go to jail and suffer the consequences for her behavior.

And finally, another gentleman reminded us that we think like humans, not God.  The ways of God are not our ways and the thoughts of God are not our thoughts.  He pointed out that our discussion was based on our desire to achieve REVENGE because we want others to suffer for the crimes they commit.  However, as selfish humans, we do not think our own sins are bad enough that we need to suffer.

But Jesus Christ is our father and He loves us so much, that no sin is unforgiveable.  We should really be rejoicing in this realization.  If God thought like us and wanted revenge, we would not have a loving God.  Instead, we would have Satan.


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