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Do your part to keep God’s true Word available to the unsaved people — even after the rapture! Print the file in hard copy and store the pages in a 3-ring binder inside a sealed plastic bag.  (Some people are actually placing copies inside airtight containers and burying it in an effort to preserve God’s true Word.  Also, you may want to make a back up copy onto a CD or DVD and place a copy inside your safe or safe deposit box along with your Will and other estate documents.  In doing so, God will give you a blessing for honoring and preserving His Word.

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  • Hi. I just stumbled into your page while browsing Bing . I’ve bookmarked it. I’ll definitely be back.

  • It is continually on my heart that G-d went to so much trouble to give us the AV – raising up such marvelous translators with the pure text etc. and it hurts so much to see people using per-versions instead. All i did as a new Christian many years ago was ASK G-d about which version to use and He led me straight to the Chick comic WHICH BIBLE and from there to the book etc. The AV is more to me than my life and has gotten me through many storms. I think there must be some kind of gnosticism involved in all these other versions. I came out of christian science where one is desperate to UNDERSTAND. “In the beginning was the WORD…” not the MEANING. i am new to computers and do not know how to find the bookstore or to get tracts for people to read – esp. on the NEW KJV HORRORS!!! it is totally beyond my comprehension when i see ministers on TBN who have cut their teeth on the AV and been in ministry for many years lead their congregations astray into the NKJV error. I pray G-d to open their eyes and lead them as He led me. vgt

  • Herllo Am Trill To Find Your Site, I Enjoy The Possibility To Being Able to Study Any time I Wishes And We Are Great full That We Are Able to Download And Have The Bible On My PC

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