The links that appear below are my personal favorites. Each one provides a wealth of knowledge to help you study God’s Word so you can develop a better day-to-day relationship with Jesus Christ and learn His will for your life. No one paid to be listed here so you can be assured the links below are unbiased in their placement.  I ask God to direct your paths in your earnest search to know Jesus Christ and make Him the center of your life. You are a very unique person. There is a reason you were born on this planet. Eternity is forever — but you will only be in this life normally less than 100 years. Time is short!  Find out God’s will for your life and you will find joy, peace and love like you have never known. So get started now by visiting the links below.

Answers in Genesis

Meet and network with other Christian scientists. Get answers to questions in the healthy library of articles.  Get sermons, study guides, online courses and much, much more.

AV Publications

As a university professor, Dr. Riplinger taught seventeen different courses and authored six college textbooks. Dr. Riplinger completed an exhaustive six-year, word-for-word collation (comparison) of the Holy Bible entitled “New Age Bible Versions.”

Bible Baptist Bookstore

This bookstore sells all of Dr. Ruckman’s videos, books and artwork, including works by other Holy-Spirit filled men and women. From bumper stickers to videos that will change your life (it did for me), Dr. Ruckman’s ministry has helped educate me in my walk with God.

Center for Scientific Creation

If you enjoy science, you will love this website. It provides scientific cases for creation through life sciences, astronomical and physical evidence, earth science an also provides information about other theories, including “The Hydroplate Theory.”

Chick Publications

Read gospel tracks online and order some to give out as your testimony to Jesus Christ. Excellent variety of topics. Spanish, English and many other languages available.

Christian Directory

Support Christian businesses.  This huge online directory contains christian websites, businesses, products, and services provided by Christian businesses nationwide.

California Institute of Omniology

This web site is “Dedicated to Academic Freedom”, the free and open critical review, commentary, scholastic and educational research of theoretical and empirical science.  The institute holds to the fact that all theories of Origins, lacking empirical verification, are metaphysical and religious in nature. Therefore, they require and deserve equal examination, evaluation, and, critical review in the spirit of true academic freedom in science.

Creation Museum

This state-of-the-art 70,000 square foot museum brings the pages of the Bible to life, casting its characters and animals in dynamic form and placing them in familiar settings. Adam and Eve live in the Garden of Eden. Children play and dinosaurs roam near Eden’s Rivers. The serpent coils cunningly in the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil. Majestic murals, great masterpieces brimming with pulsating colors and details, provide a backdrop for many of the settings.

This site has a Web Search where you can vote for this site & other great ones. Christian search engine, directory & voting index. You’ll find Bible, chat, churches, jobs, music, reviews, software, theology, & more. See the best sites!

Institute for Creation Research

A Christ focused Creation ministry where science and the Bible are fully integrated. This is an excellent resource for those who enjoy the excitement of research.

Jeff Godwin

A free, full-length video is available plus other excellent videos. Mr. Godwin specializes in exposing satanic symbols and other verses used in today’s Christian rock music.

Prison Planet

This is an excellent website if you are interested in the current news and how it relates to Bible prophecy.  Some of this type of information is good, but for some Christians (like myself), my spirit gets weighted down by too much of this type of information.  However, I cannot dictate my thoughts upon you.  But I can provide you with the information that I find to be truthful and you will need to make the decision whether to accept or reject the information there.

Rapture Ready

A website filled with articles concerning Biblical end time prophecy.  The author of this website may not totally agree with every word on this website. Predictions made to scare you regarding the “end of time” is not always a good thing.  God loves His creation and He does not want any to perish; however, it is not His nature to use “scare tactics” such as these to force you into repentance.

The Prophecy Club

Stan Johnson asked the LORD to make him part of those who understand Bible prophecy. That night God spoke to his wife Leslie in a dream to tell him that the secret door to understand all prophecies was in the Feasts. Stan began studying the Feasts differently, looking for the door and as promised, he found it. The Prophecy Club provides a wide range of books and videos from a variety of speakers and presenters.

Understanding the Supernatural

Roger Morneau was 20 years old in 1946. He was invited to a seance to speak to his dead mother. Over a period of time he was introduced to the supernatural world of Satan (Lucifer, the Light Bearer) and his demons. But God brought Roger out of this world and he lived to tell about it. Through a series of NINE intense, mind opening videos you can watch and make the decision for yourself whether to accept his experience as fact or fantasy.

Voice in the Wilderness

An online study of the Biblical end times through the prophecy of Daniel, the book of Revelation, the rapture of the Church and the Middle East.

Wall Builders

American and England were blessed because they were descendents of Jacob and Benjamin (two of the original 12 tribes of Israel).  This website contains books, videos, audios, CDs and lots of good information pertaining to rebuilding the constitutional, moral and religious heritage of America.